Thing 13-K12 Online Conference

Virtual Worlds for Learning and Teaching: Power Examples to Get You Thinking

Scott Merrick provides a presentation of virtual worlds and how they can be utilized in the classroom to engage students and keep them motivated to learn. His presentation is provided through and the audio overlay is done through audacity.  He referred several times to ISTE-sigve, which is a great organization to be a part of if you are interested in virtual environments. Some of the resources that were highlighted are:

Second Life



Quest Atlantis

Avalon Learning

The resources can be mashed up to enhance learning and keep students highly engaged in learning tasks.

I believe that the opportunity to view PD in this way is priceless. It is often difficult to get participants involved due to scheduling conflicts and this negates that barrier altogether.

I also believe that virtual worlds, Second Life in particular, allows students that may not normally be engaged or get involved due to social issues (shyness for example) to be involved in a non-threatening way. 

I highly recommend: Virtual Worlds for Learning and Teaching

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